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 "Carl Sandburg said he heard America Singing when he listened to The Weavers. If he were still around, he'd be saying that about Steven Bacon. Steven's songs are rooted in the American folk tradition, but they speak with  a compelling contemporary voice--so carefully crafted they are, so gently      urgent and insistent with their freshly painted images of wounded America,    of loneliness, love, hope and desire. When you hear Steve sing and play, you  have to pay attention. And with each listening, it only gets better."    --John   Perrault , 2003 Portsmouth NH Poet Laureate, author of "The Ballad of Louis   Wagner and other New England Stories in Verse," and "Here Comes the Old     Man Now.")




"Steven has the quality I admire the most, originality. I always love it when I    hear a song once and I know I like it. I see a bright future for this new  songwriter."   -Keith Sykes, Memphis based publisher, producer and songwriter. Keith discovered Todd Snider, co-writes with John Prine, and recently recorded an album with John Prine and Iris Dement.




"It's good to see a writer taking on the big topics-- God and country, the state of the interior soul and the national one." -Peter Mulvey, singer / songwriter.




"...a deep, clear, cool pool of songwriting talent; quiet grooves, soothing  vocals, lyrics from out of the heartland..." Bob Mckillip, Maine Songwriters  Association Newsletter, May 24 2005.




 "Steven Bacon connects with his audience with heart, through songs that reach out and draw the listener in close and tight. He's a gem of a performer, and a darn good songwriter."   -Deidre Randall, Host of Writers in  the Round on WSCA 106.1FM, Portsmouth, New Hampshire